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Man charged after lifting off in balloon-covered lawn chair

We have all seen "Up" and gotten a few ideas of our own but never had the guts to carry them out ourselves. 

Well, one Canadian man strapped a whole bunch of balloons to a lawn chair and went for it this weekend. 


CBC reports skydiver Daniel Boria intended to fly himself to the Calgary Stampede, an annual two-week rodeo, but the weather didn't cooperate and he parachuted to the ground about a mile from the event.

So his flight turned out OK, but that doesn't mean you should try this at home. Police were not amused by the stunt, which was meant to advertise Boria's cleaning company. 

The Calgary Sun reports he faces charges of mischief causing danger to life and mischief to property. He was detained by police Sunday evening and released on Monday. 

But people just keep trying these balloon stunts. A professional skydiver flew 8,000 feet into the air with balloons tied to a lawnchair before parachuting down just last year. 

And two men in Oregon attempted to fly to Montana in 2012 but had to land early due to a thunderstorm. 

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This video includes an image from Twitter / @tomwarne.

Mon, 06 Jul 2015 18:24:04 -0400

Nov. election to put spotlight back on Charlotte mayor

Filing season for the November elections is officially open. Candidates for everything from the school board to City Council showed up at the Board of Elections Monday.  One of the most watched and most crowded races is the one to be Charlotte's mayor.

City Council member David Howard was flanked by his family, friends and a Bible as he shouted "I'm in" to the crowd. 

Howard, however, is hardly alone in the mayor's race. Former Mecklenburg County Commission Chair Jennifer Roberts was the first to file Monday morning. Current Mayor Dan Clodfelter and Mayor Pro Tem Michael Barnes are also planning to join the race in the Democratic primary. Republicans Edwin Peacock and Scott Stone have announced their intentions to run too.

LIST: Who is running for Charlotte mayor in 2015

Experts say it will be a challenge for each of them to make their voice heard above the crowd. After presenting his filing fee to election staffers, Howard said his “vision” is what will set him apart.

"I haven't heard anybody articulate what does Charlotte look like beyond being the second-largest banking center?  That's what I want to do as mayor," Howard said.

Roberts is banking on a campaign she's already been running for more than a year as well as a national endorsement from Emily's List, which supports pro-choice women running for office. 

"I think the Emily's List endorsement is a big indicator of where we stand in this race," Roberts says. "The campaign is strong. The foundation is strong."

Fundraising, though, especially among the Democrats, could be tough. Experts say donors who used to send money to all of the candidates when they ran for lower offices will now have to choose among them as they run for mayor.

Political expert Michael Bitzer says that will put donors in an awkward spot.

“It would be hard to say ‘I'm going to write checks to all four of those candidates.’ I think ultimately it's going to come down to ‘who am I going to pick and which side am I going to be on?’” Bitzer said.

Filing ends July 17. Primaries for Democratic and Republican candidates are on Sept. 15.

Mon, 06 Jul 2015 17:25:32 -0400

Wheeler: Glass needed to protect spectators after Daytona crash

The Former head of Charlotte Motor Speedway, Humpy Wheeler, said the breathtaking crash at the Coke Zero 400 Sunday night was one of the worst he had seen and it's time for track owners to consider putting up protective glass to keep spectators safe.

Video of the crash in Daytona shows Austin Dillon's No. 3 car start near the inside of the track. It's hurled into the air over several cars and into catch cables feet away from spectators.

PHOTOS: Horrifying airborne crash at Daytona NASCAR race

Dillon walked away from the fiery crash.
A fan with a cellphone captured video of the car crashing in the cables designed to stop it, but debris can be seen flying into the stands.

Thirteen people were injured, but only one was taken to the hospital.

Raw: Viewer captures Coke Zero 400 crash
"It's insane,"said race fan Molly Cingolani.

Channel 9 reporter Ken Lemon watched the video with Cingolani and her son at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. They were more worried about the driver than the fans. They do not want glass separating them from the action.

"I think it would take away from the experience." Cingolani said. "I mean I understand the safety concern."

Over the years, fans have been moved further from the track and barriers have been erected to protect them from debris during crashes. Fans like Cingolani have complained the safety measures have robbed fans of the intimacy they felt with the drivers and the sport.

Wheeler, former head of Charlotte Motor Speedway, said even with glass it won't distract from the speed and vibrations if you are close.

"It's an experience that, believe me, will send chills up your spine," Wheeler said.

He said the heavy-duty glass isn't needed along the entire track just, "in the very vulnerable areas of the race track where the cars are prone to throw stuff up there."

Wheeler admits it is an expensive option but one he believes track owners must consider.

Channel 9 asked Charlotte Motor Speedway leaders if they were considering changes. They sent a written response saying, "Any comments on the changes would be very premature at this point, as there are significant differences in the racing there and here."

Officials at the track in Daytona are investigation the crash.


WATCH: Airborne crash stuns, injures fans at Daytona NASCAR race

Mon, 06 Jul 2015 17:04:53 -0400

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